Bandroom Project

Bandroom Project

Introducing a vital project to secure the future of the Organisation


Throughout its history, The Enderby Band has always led something of a nomadic existence. It has used many and various rooms and halls around the village to rehearse in and there are several anecdotal accounts of band members wheeling percussion equipment from a place of storage through the streets of the village to a rehearsal venue for each of the band’s twice-weekly rehearsals. The expansion of the band into the fully-fledged Enderby Band Organisation (EBO) of today meant that a permanent headquarters was required. In 2002 EBO was lucky enough to receive a donation from Penman Estates of the former Grove Park site office Portacabin, for use as a rehearsal facility. After some negotiations with Blaby District Council, the building was sited in the grounds of the Pavilion Leisure Centre in the neighbouring village of Huncote. However, as welcome as this donation was, the building was only just big enough for EBO at the time, and in the intervening years, we have further expanded our portfolio of bands to the current number of seven. In 2016 the building was substantially reconfigured internally and although the new configuration gives EBO an excellent facility to hold rehearsals, storage space for the Organisations musical instruments, music library, percussion kit and general equipment is extremely tight. Subsequently, two of the EBO’s bands – the Wind Band and the Youth Band - have to rehearse at the Enderby Village Institute and we use the Institute’s available storage to house equipment that cannot be stored at the Huncote site. This arrangement is unsatisfactory as it means EBO lacks a true ‘centre of operations’ and can cause logistical problems collecting our equipment whenever one of our bands is performing.

The Future

Recognising this, EBO has undertaken the mammoth task of finding a new home. A project team has been set up and is currently working hard on the various aspects of the project. However, they are well aware of the difficulties this project presents. It will take a substantial building to house the whole organisation which impacts cost and also possible locations. We are unable to put a larger building on the current site in Huncote due to planning restrictions, so we are searching the densely-populated area of Enderby for land for our new home. We are well aware that a building used six nights a week for music rehearsals is likely to have an impact outside both in terms of noise and additional traffic as members arrive and leave. Despite this, we are confident that a suitable location can be found and we are already increasing our fund-raising efforts to finance the project.

The Vision

As well as providing the headquarters for the EBO, the vision for the building is a state-of-the-art facility for the wider community of Enderby and its surrounding villages. We are intending for the building to have enough space to be used by other groups and one of our key design features for the building will be that its design will allow other parts of the building to be used even when a musical group is in a rehearsal elsewhere. EBO believes that maintaining and reinforcing its strong connections to the local community are vital and this project will only be considered a success if the new building serves to extend and improve those links.

Can You Help?

We welcome any offers of help – not just with our fundraising efforts, but also in other ways too. You could simply assist EBO in this ambitious project by supporting its fundraising efforts as and when they happen or at any time by visiting our JustGiving page. Please check the diary pages of this website regularly for details. Maybe your company has excess equipment which you would like to donate, or perhaps you have a particular skill which may be used to assist the project team in some way. Please feel free to suggest anything by contacting us via the form at the bottom of this page, we would be happy to listen to your suggestion. The project team are currently looking for people with skill and experience in the following fields:

  • Planning Applications
  • Soundproofing Buildings
  • Sponsorship / funding – negotiating

Email: Yes, I can help!

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